Training Videos

Virtual Surveyor is a powerful, easy-to-use program to help provide a complete UAV mapping workflow… It works in conjunction with Pix4D or other UAV mapping software and its’ benefits include:
• User has fine control of break lines, points and gridding
• Easier to edit the terrain
• Very rapid, accurate marking of stockpiles
• Ability to work with much smaller file sizes (the full size point cloud from Pix4D is too large to be imported into many CAD programs)
• Virtual Surveyor exports into DXF, Shape or Text Format
This training video shows how to use Pix4D to create terrains in Virtual Surveyor
The only two files which are needed are:
1. Ortho-rectified TIFF: 3_dsm_ortho\2_mosaic\project_name_transparent_mosaic_group1.tif
2. DSM-TIFF: 3_dsm_ortho\1_dsm\project_name_dsm.tif

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