Robota Eclipse


The Complete Mapping Solution

  • Hand-launched takeoff, no additional hardware required
  • Higher wing loading, leading to better high-wind performance
  • Small field landing with reverse thrust capability
  • Can cover nearly 400 acres per 50-minute flight
  • Your choice of high-resolution camera
  • 1-click software updates from anywhere in the world
0 miles
Communications Range
0 mph.
Max Wind Speed
0 min.
Flight Time
0 acres
Mapping Area: Sony

Sony RX100 Payload
  • The Rx100 payload is ideal for high resolution studies.
  • Recommended for land surveys, topography, geology and inventory.
  • 1.1inch/pixel resolution is attainable @ 400ft.
Robota Ground Control Station

Flight planning is easy. You can control altitude, overlap, waypoints and search patterns, all from an intuitive user interface compatible with Microsoft Windows. To help facilitate flight planning, the interface will generate statistics projecting flight length, coverage area, and duration.

Micasense RedEdge Payload
  • The RedEdge Five band camera takes images simultaneously.
  • Recommended for determining plant health and vegetation indices.
  • 3.14 inch/pixel resolution is attainable @ 400ft.

The Goose Autopilot System

The GooseTM onboard autopilot contains the intelligence to safely manage the Eclipse’s flight and payload. The autopilot’s current feature set includes pre-loaded application parameters for diverse functions such as mapping, firefighting, search and rescue, and research.


  • Multiple models, including 336 x 256 Pixels & 640 x 512 Pixels
  • Multiple lens options available: 6.8 – 35mm
  • Proven rugged, reliable thermal imaging for UAVs, UGVs & handheld devices

The 3lb. aircraft packs neatly into its durable case (35.32″x17.88″x17.88″).

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