UAV Mapping Services

  • Quarry - Elevation model
  • Vertical Aspect can provide custom mapping services, generally with very short turnaround.  After detailed mission planning (determining client parameters such as area to be covered, frequency of mapping, etc.), we fly the mission using whichever UAV type (fixed wing or multirotor) is appropriate for the location.  Then we process the data according to client specification, including such details as:

    • Georectified orthomosaic
    • Topographic overlay
    • 3D Model
    • Output to Global Mapper, ArcGIS,AutoCAD, etc.
    • Provide the map in printed, electronic or online format

Vertical Aspect’s Mapping Overview Presentation

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  • Tennis Mosaic
  • Quarry Elevation m...
  • quarry mosaic large
  • Accident Reconstruct...
  • James 10 Ray Cloud
  • james 10 no overlay
  • CAD Terrain
  • Components for Drone...
  • CAD cadastre_google_...
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  • Map Pilot Plan & Fli...
  • quarry terrain_model...
  • emotion SAT
  • howland large google...
  • Quarry point_cloud

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